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End-of-line automation

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Collaborative robotics


End-of-line automation

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Collaborative robotics

Products and solutions

SINTERPACK stands out for offering customized and comprehensive solutions. Its products range from handling systems with capacity to work with all kinds of formats and presentations of consumer goods, to grouping and box filling, transporting and palletizing boxes, trays, sacks or other containers, and handling pallets.

The following products form the basis of the varied “tailor-made” solutions offered by SINTERPACK:

Robots colaborativos o robots



Case packing - Top loader


Case packing - Wrap Around

Paletizadoras de final de linea

Palletizers / Depalletizers

Robots para paletizado

Palletizing robot cells

Logística interna y gestión de periféricos

Internal Logistics & Peripheral Management


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Feb 20th, 2023 By Sinterpack in News

Packaging expertise of Prodec and Sinterpack at Interpack 2023

XOLERTIC is the name of the group that brings together the centers of expertise PRODEC and SINTERPACK, leaders in case packing and palletizing lines respectively. A single spirit drives both companies to offer complete end-of-line automation solutions to optimize and ensure maximum reliability and profitability of an entire production line.

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Oct 21st, 2022 By Sinterpack in News

PRODEC and SINTERPACK will participate in Pack Expo Chicago

Pack Expo Chicago will be held from October 23rd to 26th and the Xolertic Group (PRODEC and SINTERPACK), experts in the integration of complex applications, will be present.

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Oct 17th, 2022 By Sinterpack in News


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