BY Sinterpack / Jun 8th, 2017 / PUBLISHED IN News

SINTERPACK celebrated, from May 29th till June 2nd, an “Open Doors Days” at its facilities in Burgos. During those days, the innovative SPCC (SINTERPACK’s Palletising Collaborative Cell) was launched. We counted on the collaboration of two companies: ASTI (Logistics solutions) and CTVA (Safety Company).

The main target of those days was to introduce our SPCC, which shall become a milestone in our contribution to the industrial automation. The differential key points of this solution were presented to the public, including a demo to show this cell’s capacities and issues related to the safety of these installations and their certification.

More than 100 professionals of logistics and safety from more than 30 different companies, mainly from the FMCG sector, attended this presentation and were shown this palletising collaborative cell, developed by SINTERPACK for light loads (up to 8,5 kg), and its possible coexistence with an AGV (automatic guided vehicle), to complete the solution.

During five days, the participants knew in person the features and advantages of the integration of our SINTERPACK’s SPCC 1600/2300 with an AGV from ASTI (also a company from Burgos), their Robofast -SP200- with internal support arm for palletised loads. This solution is especially appropriate for the food sector, being capable to load pallets up to 2,300 mm in height, in order to maximize the transport capacity, thanks to a robot’s working height regulation system.

The news about these days was published in the “Diario de Burgos” on June 8th, 2017:

“The palletising collaborative cell […] coexists with operators in the same area of the production line. The machine detects the people and minimizes its strength immediately if there is contact with an operator during a task”

[…] The robot can pick boxes up to 8.5 kg, place them accurately in the pallet and stack them up to 2.3 meters. This is just the first model that shall undergo variations depending on the applications and customer’s needs.