The Robot is a programmable automatic machine capable of performing certain operations autonomously and replacing humans in some tasks, especially heavy, repetitive or dangerous. Can be equipped with sensors, allowing it to adapt to new situations.


Feb 28th, 2017 BY

Are you aware that you are experiencing an industrial revolution? The human being has an amazing capacity to transform the resources of nature into useful products. More than 200 years ago an unstoppable adventure began. Human ingenuity devised a machine that mechanized its tasks, the steam engine. Thus came our first industrial revolution.

SINTERPACK improves its growth more than 30% in 2016

SINTERPACK closed 2016 growing more than 30%, being also the growth of the last two years higher than 60%. The efforts made since 2015 to improve competitiveness have led the company to this rate of improvement, both in turnover and results. Likewise, the forecasts for this year 2017 follow this line.