Natuber - Transformed potatoes from Álava, entrusts Grupo Xolertic with the automation of the end of line of its plant in Vitoria

Natuber, a company that converts potatoes into a fresh-cut product, based in Vitoria (Álava), has entrusted the automated end-of-line of its production center to the Xolertic group.

Sinterpack & Prodec launch their new Xolertic brand

Sinterpack and Prodec present their new Xolertic brand, with the aim of bringing together, under a new corporate identity, all the automation and integration services of end-of-line solutions from the different companies in the group.

Nuria Plans, new Group Sales Director of Sinterpack and Prodec

The group resulting from the union of Sinterpack and Prodec has announced the appointment of Nuria Plans as the new Group Sales Director. With more than 18 years being part of PRODEC and being his previous position Area Sales Manager Asia, she has a long experience in the sector.