Present in the dairy and juice subsectors in Spain since 1965, SINTERPACK has developed end of line and robotised palletising systems with capacity to work with multiple production lines simultaneously. This technology permits handling, with one robot, lines with small formats (2 x 2) and trays of up to 400 x 600 at the same time, offering a maximum capacity per robot of 10,000 boxes/hour.

PET or glass bottles:

In the Packaging world, two of the main customers are the food industry and the sub-sectors of beverages and soft drinks. These sectors demand more and more technology applied to the bottles and specifically the PET, that supposes approximately 34% in the list of most common materials used for packaging of drinks, only surpassed by the carton. For SINTERPACK, the specialisation in the handling of these products is essential and, for that reason, it counts on highly qualified personnel able to understand market needs and develop products that solve them.

SINTERPACK accumulates a vast experience in this field, supported by diverse automation projects such as, for example, the one developed for the Eroski Group in its facilities in Bilbao.

In this case a robotised palletising cell serves a filling line (edible oil in PET bottles) with a working capacity of 15,000 bottles/hour.

This system is prepared to work with two packaging formats, starting from loose bottles. In the box type work format, bottles are grouped (4×3) into WrapAround boxes, which are then palletised with the robot, automatically. By doing a simple change of gripper, the system can be shifted to work in tray format. In this mode, the loose bottles are grouped and inserted in half-pallet trays (600×800) which are then palletised with the same robot cycle. It is a standard SINTERPACK system that can work with all types of beverages, whether or not gaseous, and with bottles of PET or glass.


SINTERPACK has developed diverse and innovative projects of automated box filling and subsequent palletising of DoyPacks for numerous customers, some of them being large multinationals such as P&G with demanding quality criteria.