Throughout the last years SINTERPACK has applied its automated palletising systems in different fields such as celluloses, automotive or household appliances. In this way it has expanded its main work field, which has been traditionally the FMCG sector.

For the automotive sector, one of the most automated sectors in the industry, SINTERPACK has integrated, for example, a robot for palletising coils, mounted on a track, capable of working simultaneously with 28 palletising stations. The system respects the most stringent quality requirements and handles cable coils without touching the product. It is integrated in turn in the plant production IT system.

In the field of celluloses, the company has got a number of references in different factories for handling and palletising of extruded cellulose packages, in which a single robot can simultaneously work with 8 stations.

In the area of household appliances, SINTERPACK has developed and set up a cell, with only one robot, for the handling and palletising of induction hobs able to work simultaneously with 8 palletising stations. The system receives all the different products through the same entrance and separates different references placing them in their corresponding station to later deliver the finished pallets in the final wrapping line.