Distribution chains and small supermarkets demand novelties in Packaging formats. The limitations of space on the supermarkets shelves and the expenses that are supposed to replace in shelves consumer goods like sugar or cookies have caused the appearance of the so called box-pallets.

In response to this demand, SINTERPACK has developed a new box-pallet and semi-box filling system that uses robotics and other technological advances hitherto intended for other industries and applications.

It is a technology equipped with a product handling robotised system -of high capacity-, with artificial vision, which can work with more than 150 packs/minute and capable of receiving the messy product.

The technology used prevents damages and deformations in the product, as it rests on a spongy surface. Subsequently, the product reaches the picking table and it is centred and positioned automatically. Finally, the flaps openers fix and facilitate the entry of the gripper, without deforming or tearing the walls of the box.


SINTERPACK has developed and set up a number of projects related to bags palletising (flour, sugar,…) having designed and manufactured transport components that help the uniform distribution of the load, as well as specific grippers capable of handling it with the highest care to avoid damages to the bags while ensuring the maximum stability of the pallet.