Palletising of Bags

The anthropomorphic robots for palletising boxes or bags are an excellent solution for all types of stacking patterns. Thanks to their flexibility, it is possible to use these equipments serving several concurrent lines with different patterns and products. The products can be identified and palletised in different stations using innovative technical solutions.

SINTERPACK has numerous references in this field, including transport, homogenization and palletising of bags. These palletising solutions with anthropomorphic robots can reach a capacity of 1200-1800 bags/hour.

The design and materials of the grippers are very important because, by decreasing the mechanical resistance, the number of cycles of the robotised arm can be optimized, including the positioning of empty pallets or the placement of interlayers for the stabilisation of the load.

Other advantages of robotised palletising are the smaller total dimensions of the cells compared to conventional equipment, reduction of energy consumption and reduction of maintenance costs.

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