COBOT palletising

Collaborative Robotics

Under the motto “tradition of innovation” Sinterpack begins its adventure in collaborative robotics. A new era in industrial robotics. These robots are light, flexible, easy to install and suitable for working with people, since they have security integrated as their own functionality. They do not need security fencing because when it comes into contact with the operator the robot stops automatically.

The collaborative palletizing cell (CCPS) marked a new stage in the innovative history of Sinterpack, since our beginnings we focused on industrial palletizing with a robotic cell for large projects that required large productions and speeds, with strict perimeter security measures and obviously of a large space. Since 2015 we have been committed to adapting and looking for new solutions also for those clients and sectors that work with smaller, slower productions and with reduced spaces, taking advantage of the simplicity of the collaborative robot.

Awarded with the FAE Burgos Innovation 2017 prize, work continues on new collaborative systems, both for palletizing, boxing and depalletizing, as well as special executions


Our robots are suitable for any sector, since we make customized solutions adapted to any customer’s need. They support a load of up to 10 kg, so they fit  with the sectors that work with these measures generally speaking.

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  • Cobots simplifies the process while meeting all safety requirements.
  • Man-Machine working together.
  • Empowering.
  • User-friendly environment.
  • Automation of low speed lines.
  • Flexible solution
  • Includes Pattern Editor
  • Compliance with safety requirements
  • Operator - Team working together
  • Automation of slow speed lines
  • Optimised footprint
  • User-friendly technology