Layer-by-layer palletising

The towers of empty pallets are deposited by the operator on a roller conveyor that feeds the pallet magazine, which will automatically dose them into the trolley. In each cell we have two box inputs, which allows us to work with two formats at the same time and with the possibility of rotating them or not.

The gripper picks up each row and deposits it on the empty pallet that is placed in each of the four palletising stations of each cell. Once the pallet loading is complete, the gripper continues palletising at the next station, where an empty pallet awaits. The full pallet is conveyed to the trolley by means of a bi-directional roller conveyor. Once on the trolley, it will take them to the roller outlets for subsequent baling and storage.


  • Complete and continuous automation over time
  • High productivity and capacity to handle a wide variety of case and pallet formats.
  • Two pallet magazines and two full pallet exits, with two-by-two palletising stations. Allows two pallet sizes to be palletised at the same time.
  • Four infeeds available in which four case formats can be palletised simultaneously.
  • Double carriage, which improves productivity when moving along the cell.
  • Lateral pressure gripper allows for greater efficiency on the line.
  • Possibility of maintenance in one of the cells without stopping the other robot.
  • Palletising up to 50 cases/min and 25 pallets/h in the two cells.
  • Grippers with a capacity to pick up 1 or 2 rows of product depending on the palletising pattern and the dimensions of the boxes.
  • Palletising for closed cartons, which do not deform when lateral pressure is applied.
  • Two carton magazine stations for interlayers (optional)