Central palletising

The product enters the palletising cell via an accumulation box conveyor, which leads to a dosing belt prior to picking. On the roller table, the rows are formed by rotating or not the boxes, depending on the palletising pattern.

The gripper is responsible for picking up each row and depositing it on the empty pallet that is placed in each of the two palletising stations. The double palletising system with pallet conveyor system ensures that there is always a palletising station available, even when a full pallet leaves and a new empty one arrives.

see product sheet see product sheet
  • Complete and continuous automation over time
  • High productivity and ability to handle a wide range of case and pallet sizes
  • Two palletising stations ensure that the line is not interrupted during pallet infeed and outfeed
  • High speed palletising thanks to the single pick and place station, which avoids downtime for robot movements
  • Lateral pressure gripper that allows greater efficiency on the line.
  • Centralised production.
  • Optimised use of resources.
  • Centralised location of consumables
  • Reduces and eliminates unnecessary logistics
  • Highly efficient solutions.
  • Pallet pattern editor included